Who Invented the First Gun?

Before guns were introduced to warfare, different weapons were made and use such as swords, cannons, and arrows. Although these weapons served many wars well enough, the discovery of guns was actually revolutionary. Guns’ bullets are able to travel in the long distance at a faster speed. This enables soldiers to be more victorious at the battlefield. It changed the face or army and made combat less expensive. 

 Now, people in the United States are possessing their own weapon for the sake of protection and hobby. And if you are planning to build your own gun, there are services and companies that are able to give you that chance. This is how fast-paced the changes in weapons are. 

When it comes to the origin of guns, it all started in the land of China in the early part of the 9th century, where gunpowder was created. Alchemists were able to mix sulfur, charcoal, and salt pepper into powder to treat skin infections. Later, the armies discovered that this mixture can power bombs and other weapons.  


It was later in the 13th century that the powder was transported to Europe, and while it traveled along the Silk Road in Central Asia, other countries had refined the mixture and created their own.  


The first gun that was ever recorded was the fire lances in China which were made of bamboo and metal tubes that could project flames and shrapnel at a target. This weapon was invented in the 10th century as aided the Chinese soldiers during wars.  


It was in 1320 where cannons were invented in Italy that were modified from the Chinese fire lances to aid the European nations against wars. Three centuries later and the European firearms became more advanced and more deadly compared to what the East had created.  


Although cannons were very popular and effective on the battlefield, the conservative military tried to limit the use of this innovation as it was complicated to control these weapons and the gun powder was very expensive. Also, the operator was like to harm himself on the battlefield.  


It was in the 15th century that the “lock” mechanism of firearms and guns was innovated and this paved the way for safer gun weapons. The first gun was the French arquebus which was a short-barreled arm held by the shoulder. Guns slowly replace other weapons on the battlefield as this was more efficient and faster. The guns before were difficult to control at the same time very expensive. Now, some innovations made guns easier to handle and more effective in functionality.  


Since then, guns were sued in different combats and wars. More and more soldiers were taught how to use guns on the battlefield. Now guns are still the most favorite weapon that humans ever created, only that it is not used anymore for wars and battlefields, but mostly because of self-protection and hobbies like hunting and target shooting the United States.  


Still, guns are popularly used, and even amid the growing violence and mass shooting in the United States, many gun users are still hesitant to surrender their guns and firearms.  



The Significance of a Maintenance Around the House

There are many reasons for you to just let things take care of themselves. However, you need to remember that things like this should not be something for you to leave to chance. You have to make sure that things are followed through in the end.  

There will be times wherein you will need professionals to help you out. This includes epoxy maintenance service Phoenix if you have the floor or even just a handyman or a caretaker for a general care around the house.  

If you think hard enough about it, you will know that there is a big significance to you when you think of the maintenance around the house. It isn’t just a simple thing for you to deal with. It’s absolutely something for you to wish you well. So, that should be something for you to work with.  

In this article, you will learn the things that you must learn to make sure that things in the home is well taken care of in the best way possible.  


It is important for the home to make sure that the efficiency is maintained all throughout. This is something that should be taken care of simply because of the good that it will bring to your home. Efficiency is important to make sure that everything in the home can move pretty good as well as nicely. If things like this are not followed through then there is no point for having a comfortable home. 


If you take care of your things now, you would be saving a lot more money later. This is something that you should consider as much as you can take away from things. This is something that you need to work with. It’s important that you save as much as you can for times that you will need that money.  


It is pretty tiring for you to do things that won’t be useful for you at all. You need to remember that things must be done so that you can maintain your sanity. It is important for you to make sure that things are well maintained. If you don’t do this you will hurt yourself in the matter worrying and making adjustments on your own.  

When it rains you will worry of leakage, rotting, molds and other things. So, it’s important for you to make sure that things stay as long as possible. So, take the easy route and make sure that things are well maintained.  


The reason for having a great maintenance plan and service is to make sure that the longevity of the things in your home is secured. You want everything to last as long as possible, this will ensure that you will be able to do the things that you need to for the things that must be considered. So, you should remember to do what must be done for it.  

Wise Kids Party Preparation

It’s a yearly wellspring of anxiety. Giving your kid an amazing birthday party without using up every last cent, stressing out, or destroying your house (or yard), is truly a challenge. But fortunately, we have some tips from parents who’ve been there and done that. So, if you’re a parent or even an aunt, uncle, or friend who’s about to throw a party for a kid, then these tips can be helpful. 

Plan it all and follow every single bit of it 

We can’t emphasize this enough. Planning can make a party but not break it, so as long as you stick to it. Have a list (a physical list or in your gadgets) of children and parents or guardians who will be able to make it, diet restrictions, etc. other than your to-do list.  


Invite only what you can accommodate 

Now this one’s tricky. You don’t have to invite the whole grade level even if your child is miss or mister congeniality. Remember, it’s a birthday party and not an educational field trip or something similar. If your house or yard can only accommodate a certain number, then stick to it. But you have to be considerate as well. You can’t leave someone in your child’s class uninvited. What will that child feel and what will he or she say to his or her parents? The thing to remember is to stick with what you can accommodate. 


Be straightforward   

Be straightforward but not rude. On the off chance that parents or guardians ask whether the siblings of the invited child can attend and your space is not up for it or the activities are too age-specific, simply say no. To avoid having to be forced with accepting them (because some parents just show up with them without a warning), you can courteously state this in the invitation. You should also specifically state if you don’t want parents staying as well. 


Go for electronic invitations 

This has a few advantages. First, it’s paperless. Which means you are helping the environment while spending little to no money. Second, it is more convenient and faster rather than handing it one by one and house to house. And third, they are considerate to those who are not invited, as opposed to distributing them in school where other kids can see. 


Plan your own entertainment  

Instead of contracting for entertainment like clowns (even if they’re obsolete), plan it your own. The kids can have their own talent, fashion, or cooking show, cupcake frosting game, dessert-making, etc. The kids will nonetheless enjoy it and you will save on some cash. Now that’s awesome. 


Decorate with balloons 

Kids love balloons. They’ll most likely bring one when they go home. Especially now that they come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes, they can very well suit any type of party even if they’re not a children’s party. If you need help with balloons, balloon arch San Antonio can give you a hand. 

Wedding Planning Ideas in a Frugal Way

Let’s face it, weddings are events that aren’t exactly cheap. Girls have grown up with great expectations for their weddings mostly looking like cartoon royal weddings. However, just because you want to be realistic with your wedding doesn’t mean it has to look and feel cheap. You can be frugal with your wedding but still make it look and feel class, it’s all in the wedding planning 

So, in this article, you will learn some frugal ways to create your dream wedding without it looking cheap. You want a wedding to celebrate your marriage but you don’t want to fall into debt before you even start a family.  

It isn’t really uncommon for people to want a big wedding or a small one with all the expensive refineries. However, you can still get what you want without it burying you into debt.  


Invite only the people that you personally know. You don’t have to invite people you barely know because of obligations. Just make sure to have the courage to make the event significant to you and the people celebrating with you. If it means you have to whittle down your guest list then so be it.  


Instead of asking for gifts that you might not be able to use, you can ask for talents in your family and friends. If you know a photographer in your family ask them to take your photo for a discounted price. Ask the musician in your family to play in your reception or during the wedding ceremony.  


You may have an idea or two in making your invitations and you can totally do it on your own. There are tons of video tutorial for it and so, that should be something to look forward to. It is an easy way for you to save money plus the invites would feel more like a personal more.  


You don’t have to match the party to a tee, rather you can ask them to buy clothes that is on their own design but in matching colors. You could save more this way and it can really be something to look forward to. It’s not tacky and it’s really creative.  


You don’t have to do all the preparations yourself; you can involve your family and friends but don’t force it if they don’t want it. Just ask for their help or a favor and maybe they would answer your call which is call and good to go.  

One thing to remember with wedding planning is that if you want a frugal but classy wedding, choose intimate. It’s a lot more manageable and it is a lot friendlier on your budget, which is always a good way to go. So, look out for that, and make sure that you have a really great time too. 

Things to Remember When Building a Soccer Field

So, you are planning to build a soccer field. You are maybe a soccer field fan. It is your dream to build your own field where people can watch and enjoy the game. But before you think of building one, do you know what factors you should consider? Which company will you hire?  

When you are going for the project, some tips below are written in order to have a good and successful soccer field.  

  1. Selecting contractors. You need to listMidwest soccer field contractorcompanies that you are going to hire. You can find many professional contractors out there with quality of works you can offer. You need to trust someone that has built a soccer field before, right?  

But having an experienced in building a few complexes does not guarantee that they are the one. You need to visit the website of the company and gather information. You need to know the other past projects they have, testimonials from the clients and how they handle potential customers. You can contact at least three to five different companies to compare. It might be a lot of work but you need someone professional to do the job. 


  1. Building law on your area. The law and regulation about building construction depends on which town and state you are in. It is important before you start digging to know this law and to abide according to what is stated on your place. You must present first your project plan to the local municipality and seek their approval. As soon as the plan is approved, you can now start working with your project. 


  1. Selecting yourturf. Youneed to take into consideration the selection of turfs before you start building your soccer field. Are you going for a real grass or an artificial one? The two has its pros and cons. You should be aware of them before you even start considering to buy your turf. Just take for example the turf grass, it tends to get warmer quickly than the natural. So, what will you do during the hot weather?  


  1. Choosing your lighting. It is also important to take into consideration the lighting of your soccer field. Even if you are not hosting a game, it is required for security purposes. Some games are even hosted at night, so a good lighting is required. Make sure you invest on money on the right way. Lights on the game are a big deal.

As of the moment, LED lighting is the most popular choice. If you are going to use this type of light, you will save some monthly utility bills. LED bulbs also last longer than the others. In short, having LED lighting can be a good investment.  


  1. The parking space. You should also not forget about this factor. Design your soccer field that a lot of folks can park without worrying. This is a serious issue as many people will go and watch the game. Will you let them block others properties?