Wise Kids Party Preparation

It’s a yearly wellspring of anxiety. Giving your kid an amazing birthday party without using up every last cent, stressing out, or destroying your house (or yard), is truly a challenge. But fortunately, we have some tips from parents who’ve been there and done that. So, if you’re a parent or even an aunt, uncle, or friend who’s about to throw a party for a kid, then these tips can be helpful. 

Plan it all and follow every single bit of it 

We can’t emphasize this enough. Planning can make a party but not break it, so as long as you stick to it. Have a list (a physical list or in your gadgets) of children and parents or guardians who will be able to make it, diet restrictions, etc. other than your to-do list.  


Invite only what you can accommodate 

Now this one’s tricky. You don’t have to invite the whole grade level even if your child is miss or mister congeniality. Remember, it’s a birthday party and not an educational field trip or something similar. If your house or yard can only accommodate a certain number, then stick to it. But you have to be considerate as well. You can’t leave someone in your child’s class uninvited. What will that child feel and what will he or she say to his or her parents? The thing to remember is to stick with what you can accommodate. 


Be straightforward   

Be straightforward but not rude. On the off chance that parents or guardians ask whether the siblings of the invited child can attend and your space is not up for it or the activities are too age-specific, simply say no. To avoid having to be forced with accepting them (because some parents just show up with them without a warning), you can courteously state this in the invitation. You should also specifically state if you don’t want parents staying as well. 


Go for electronic invitations 

This has a few advantages. First, it’s paperless. Which means you are helping the environment while spending little to no money. Second, it is more convenient and faster rather than handing it one by one and house to house. And third, they are considerate to those who are not invited, as opposed to distributing them in school where other kids can see. 


Plan your own entertainment  

Instead of contracting for entertainment like clowns (even if they’re obsolete), plan it your own. The kids can have their own talent, fashion, or cooking show, cupcake frosting game, dessert-making, etc. The kids will nonetheless enjoy it and you will save on some cash. Now that’s awesome. 


Decorate with balloons 

Kids love balloons. They’ll most likely bring one when they go home. Especially now that they come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes, they can very well suit any type of party even if they’re not a children’s party. If you need help with balloons, balloon arch San Antonio can give you a hand.