Who Invented the First Gun?

Before guns were introduced to warfare, different weapons were made and use such as swords, cannons, and arrows. Although these weapons served many wars well enough, the discovery of guns was actually revolutionary. Guns’ bullets are able to travel in the long distance at a faster speed. This enables soldiers to be more victorious at the battlefield. It changed the face or army and made combat less expensive. 

 Now, people in the United States are possessing their own weapon for the sake of protection and hobby. And if you are planning to build your own gun, there are services and companies that are able to give you that chance. This is how fast-paced the changes in weapons are. 

When it comes to the origin of guns, it all started in the land of China in the early part of the 9th century, where gunpowder was created. Alchemists were able to mix sulfur, charcoal, and salt pepper into powder to treat skin infections. Later, the armies discovered that this mixture can power bombs and other weapons.  


It was later in the 13th century that the powder was transported to Europe, and while it traveled along the Silk Road in Central Asia, other countries had refined the mixture and created their own.  


The first gun that was ever recorded was the fire lances in China which were made of bamboo and metal tubes that could project flames and shrapnel at a target. This weapon was invented in the 10th century as aided the Chinese soldiers during wars.  


It was in 1320 where cannons were invented in Italy that were modified from the Chinese fire lances to aid the European nations against wars. Three centuries later and the European firearms became more advanced and more deadly compared to what the East had created.  


Although cannons were very popular and effective on the battlefield, the conservative military tried to limit the use of this innovation as it was complicated to control these weapons and the gun powder was very expensive. Also, the operator was like to harm himself on the battlefield.  


It was in the 15th century that the “lock” mechanism of firearms and guns was innovated and this paved the way for safer gun weapons. The first gun was the French arquebus which was a short-barreled arm held by the shoulder. Guns slowly replace other weapons on the battlefield as this was more efficient and faster. The guns before were difficult to control at the same time very expensive. Now, some innovations made guns easier to handle and more effective in functionality.  


Since then, guns were sued in different combats and wars. More and more soldiers were taught how to use guns on the battlefield. Now guns are still the most favorite weapon that humans ever created, only that it is not used anymore for wars and battlefields, but mostly because of self-protection and hobbies like hunting and target shooting the United States.  


Still, guns are popularly used, and even amid the growing violence and mass shooting in the United States, many gun users are still hesitant to surrender their guns and firearms.  



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